About Me

When I started this blog 8 weeks ago I threw together an About Me page that was pretty straight forward. Later, when I wrote about the intentional life and intentional identifiers I was disappointed in myself because my about me was really just a list of roles I play in life as opposed to truly being a description about me. Sure, you may find it interesting that my occupation is a Technical Editor, but if that is all I tell you, then you might assume I am a grammar Nazi. It really doesn’t say anything about me, it just identifies a role I play.  Notice I purposefully didn’t say I “am” a Technical Editor. I’m really not, that is just my role when I clock into work and earn a paycheck. I don’t even have a degree in English, my degree is in Biology. See?  It’s a little misleading.

So in light of this revelation I am rewriting my About Wendy page in order to reflect a more accurate representation of me. I invite you to read it, and then write your own. I think if we all wrote an about me that didn’t include our obvious roles of job, spouse, and parent we might just learn something about ourselves. True introspection might just happen, and then we will be better equipped for the battle of creating an intentional life.

So Week 8 is to write an accurate about me. Write or Rewrite your about me, revise as necessary until you have something, anything, that identifies you without identifying your roles. :)

As for this and my belief that all life’s moments can be directly traced to a Friends episode (Zen and the Art of Friends), it reminds me of the first episode where Rachael is on the phone with her dad and tries to use a metaphor for her life that her father completely doesn’t get. She describes feeling like her entire life she was told “You’re a shoe, you’re a shoe, you’re a shoe…”

What I’m Reading: Family Pictures by Jane Green. I love her, absolutely love her. She creates characters that you can identify with, even if you are mad at them. I recently discovered through FB that she is just as honest, warm, humble and fallible as any of her characters. I would love to have lunch with this woman. :) Just the thought gives me goose bumps.

What I’m Listening to: Let her Go by Passenger. I knew I loved her before. I just can’t seem to let her go, and I simply must. I need to let her go, and while the song isn’t truly about my situation, just the name reminds me, if I’m ever going to move forward, I need to let go of her loss.

Inspiration from the ether: None. Too much sadness and despair online this week. With floods, murder, death, bleh… its been a rough weekend, and I am inspired by little of what I have read online lately.

Sunday’s Now Moment: No words can describe my Sunday. Okay, maybe one word- lazy. I won’t apologize. I haven’t slept in like that since before kids were here and I haven’t done absolutely nothing- with the exception of alien creation crafts- in 5 years. It was a thing of pure magic. The whole day. Thanks to the rain for giving me a reason to sit still- sorry everyone about the flooding it caused. Thanks to the husband for letting me do it.

Monday’s Now Moment: Having a long discussion with my son about why his baby brother can’t sleep with him even if he made him his own spot and pillow on the top bunk.