Gratitude 365 Journal

This is my ongoing project for 2014. A 365 days of gratitude journal. I’d love for there to be a photo of everything I am grateful for, but some things aren’t meant to be spoiled with stopping to take a picture, and for other things it’s just not possible. My goal is to notice what I am grateful for as it is happening, as opposed to trying to remember something at the end of the day. Presence.

Jan6- My oldest stroking my hair as I comfort him back to sleep, telling me “Mommy, I love you so much. I am going to keep you forever.” And me wondering who is really comforting whom?comfort

Jan7- For technology that lets my mother watch Big Bang Theory all the time and her face lighting up when I show her how.

Jan8- A husband who understands that if I stumble off to our room at 7pm it isn’t because I’m lazy, its because I hit a wall and I can’t go on.

Jan9- My boys will always know the love of dogs, and never be afraid, even of big bad love

Jan10- Little men singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” better than any song on the radio, even if I am told not to sing along. photo 2 (3) Jan11-Chocolate Milk for no reason at all except my mother thought it would make me smile. She was right. photo 1

Jan12-Involved dads that break every stereotype and make other parents feel bad for judging him. Seriously, the only dad in basketball class. The only dad. photo 3

Jan13-The desire of a 4 year old to help fix dinosaur boo boos and my patience to let him do 4