The Now Moments of the Week- by Request

My week goal was to live more in the now and to make every attempt to just focus on one moment or task without worrying about the next moment or what I should be doing but aren’t. For the most part I succeeded with a few helpful reminders from others and a few nasty internal monologues where I always won. Here are my favorite Now moments of the week.

Monday: Rocking the little one to bed at nap time and having him sing along. He makes requests and spends a lot of time smiling at me and giggling. He likes to request songs that don’t exist. His favorite request is “The Nemo Song” which does not exist but makes him laugh every time.

Tuesday: My mother usually helps me wrangle the Fraggles during the day so I can accomplish working from home. She had to go to the dentist last-minute and it was just me and the hooligans. I had a conference call mid morning that I knew I would have to speak during so muting out the screaming banshees I call my sons was not an option. So I put them in the bath… big mistake. And so while it was not a good idea- envision all the water from the tub now on the floor- I could not have been reminded, in a more obvious but not fatal way, that I can’t do everything and next time I need to just make my apologies, skip the meeting, and live in the now. Thanks god we had new absorbent towels.

Wednesday: Doing squats. I love working out, but I love leg day even more. I love having visible quads and strong hamstrings. Wednesday I didn’t have time for a proper workout so I thought I’d just do a few leg exercises and get back home quickly. Leg day really is the most bang for your buck because if you lift like you should you can burn so many calories and build so much beautiful muscle that it is addicting. I killed it. It was awesome, the strongest I’ve been since before both children. I couldn’t have been more in the moment, knees shaking, muscles quivering pushing myself so I didn’t make a fool of myself by dropping the barbell.  And I could really be in the now because I wasn’t thinking about what exercise I was going to do next or how I was going to be hurting during cardio. Nice.

Thursday: Standing in the rain. When I was younger I loved the rain. I can remember sitting outside under a big clear umbrella and watching it fall all around me for the longest time. Or we would have Popsicle stick races in the gutters. When I was in my twenties, I would dance in the rain and take every opportunity to just get wet (lightning permitting). As an adult we tend to run through the rain avoiding the drops that used to make us smile. Why? Thursday I stood in the rain. Just stood, eyes closed, face to the sky, and I got drenched. It was cold and it was windy, and I shivered like hell. It was perfect.

Friday: Taking a bath with my boys. Now that my kids can manage a bath without drowning I have a tendency to get things ready for bed time while they bathe. Before you judge me our house is very small and an open floor plan. I can hear and almost see them from anywhere, no one is dying on my watch. But Friday night I sat in the bathroom with them watching them play with the bubbles and practice physics in the water. And for the first time in a long long time, when they asked me to join them in the water I did instead of saying I was too busy. We had a great time and miraculously all those “things” I normally do when they are splashing around, still got done. :)

Saturday: Gymboree. We took three months off of Gymboree to save money for all the wee one’s medical bills, so the kids were super excited when we got there and they realized what the day’s surprise was. It was so fun just watching how much they have changed since we were last there and seeing how brave they have both gotten. It was also fun to be thrown around by the hubs like a rag doll because they have soft play mats to throw me on. We played, just really played as a family being carefree and super silly. For 1 hour I didn’t think about bills, errands, celiac disease, or work. Just Love.

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful week! I love Thursday and Saturday the most :) Great job–I hope you’re proud of yourself!!

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