My Shameless, Yet Unapologetic, Love Letter to Upworthy

Dear Upworthy,

For a long time now I have felt that the world was a rather negative space and I had growing concerns for my own happiness and the future wellbeing and happiness of my two children. I had fallen into the trap of negative worthless images, news, and social media; feeling trapped and helpless I decided there had to be something else out there in the ether than the usual craptastic offerings. So one night, while unable to sleep yet again, I opened the internet browser on my cell phone and searched for “happiness” “optimism” and “change”. I felt certain there had to be a better way to live, a better outlook to adopt, a better way to be part of this world, and a better way to use my mind and creativity to impact those around me. The world couldn’t possibly be the dark, dreary, and shallow place I was so used to seeing, and I couldn’t be the only one who felt this way.

I stumbled upon many things that night; blogs, books, businesses and other web sites that were taking a stand to improve lives and the world with their optimism and actions. I instantly felt motivated and energized to make myself part of this movement and to incorporate positivity into my life, daily, consistently, and unapologetically. I wanted this, I wanted it badly; not just for myself, but my husband, my boys, my dogs, heck for everyone.

I started my blog and this journey in July, when I truly felt I had hit a bottom of sorts, maybe not the rock bottom, but frankly as far as I wanted to go down. I had a voracious appetite for all things that frankly were “upworthy”. And then I saw you, across a crowded internet, unassuming, beautifully presented, conscientious, sincere, and caring.

It was love at first read. I ditched my CNN addiction and Huffington Post flirtations for you and your beautiful quick wit, moments of genius, and videos that made me think, smile, and *gasp* sometimes both. I became informed, engaged, excited, and giddy as a school girl at all the possibilities and wonder of life. It wasn’t just what you were doing, it was what you weren’t doing that kept me fascinated and enthralled. You weren’t just bringing interesting, thought provoking topics to the masses in a way they could accept, digest, and consider, you also weren’t telling me about the tragedies of the world, all the things that are wrong, and all the ways we have failed as a species (unless of course it included a way to change that). Frankly, I soaked in your upworthiness like a toddler in a kiddie pool, all splashes and laughter until I was pruny and shivering from exposure but still reluctant to get out of the water (darn you real life and responsibilities).

I started my blog as a journey, nay a quest, to find a better life, an uplifting, motivating, take charge, make a difference, and find peace endeavor. You Upworthy, have been a welcome addition to my world, my daily activities, and I am thankful for your continued dedication at making me fall in love with you again a little more each day. Our relationship has grown in the last few months to one I would happily introduce to my parents, or invite on the town with friends hoping they’d approve of you. I feel confident I wouldn’t be embarrassed by your negativity or a sense of humor that was too brash or oddly inappropriate. I feel like we are kindred spirits walking along the beach of life as the musical accompaniment swells in the background and the sun sets beautifully over the water not unlike an 80s movie music montage showing us falling head over heels in love in under 3 minutes to a trendy pop song. You Upworthy, complete me. (Ok, if not complete, you certainly contribute :))

So feeling like I couldn’t get enough of you, I found myself drawn to your “We’re hiring” sign in the upper right hand corner of my screen- and it wasn’t just because you used the ‘ correctly in “we’re”. I mean wouldn’t the next logical step in any true romance be moving in together? or at least spending more time with one another? So I clicked, with a flutter in my tummy and adrenaline in my veins, hoping against hope that at least one job opening would be something I would excel at.

I want to make a difference. I want to have an impact. I want a better quality of life not just for myself, but my family, and the rest of mankind. I believe Upworthy is a great venue to do this. I believe I would make a great member of your team. I believe our relationship has just begun and if you give it a little bit of time and trust, you will find that we are compatible.

So dear sweet Upworthy, I kneel before you on bended knee and ask, will you give me the honor and pleasure of spending the rest of our days together as one? Will you take the risk of hiring a woman who has fallen madly in love with your goals and intentions and believes she can contribute and add to your world? -Please say yes.


PS if you’d like to know more about me please click here.
PPS I work really well unsupervised as most of my adult life has been either owning my own business or telecommuting.