8 Things I’ve Done to Feel Better

It is easy to overlook the little things we do on a daily basis, or the unusual stuff we do less often, as unimportant or trivial. But often it is the sense of accomplishment from doing lots of little important things that can make you feel awesome and amazing. You don’t have to do something grand or make a giant gesture, all you really have to do is keep track of the really cool little things you do so you can look back and say, “Wow! I actually kind of rock!” So here is a short list of the things I managed to get done in the last few weeks. Its all small stuff, but once I wrote it down, I was pretty amazed at how much I’ve actually gotten done. And I felt a weird sense of pride and happiness.

  1. Trimmed dog nails. May not sound like an accomplishment but with 5 dogs, 4 paws each, 4 nails per paw, and some dew claws, that’s over 80 nails trimmed. Not too shabby.
  2. Cleaned my kitchen trash can. If you haven’t done this to your own, you really should. It doesn’t take very long and it makes you feel good just knowing your trash has a clean place to go to when it dies. Seriously, I kept going back to marvel at it.
  3. Cleaned my bedroom closet. Wow, that would be the before and after pictures that probably frightened you at the beginning of this article. Our house is small, our closets are smaller. So it was a mess and a job to get that done, but now I can actually find things. I got rid of a lot of clothes including maternity wear and my “fat” clothes. Because I am proud to say I finally fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes. Whew! And before my son’s 2nd birthday even! Woo hoo! Go me!
  4. Changed my shower curtains. Call me wasteful, but sometimes you just have to throw shower liners away. There is no amount of cleaning product that is going to help that petri dish. So after 2 years, I decided the liner had more than paid its dues and I bought a new one. $5 later and I feel fresh as a daisy taking a shower.
  5. Changed hepa filters. We have hepa filters in every bedroom and I am notoriously bad about not changing them and convincing myself that the change schedule suggested by the manufacturer is just a scheme to make you spend more money. But since I finally had a little money in my pocket, and my youngest son has lung issues, it felt good to change the filters and feel like I’d really improved his quality of sleep life.
  6. Steam Cleaned my carpets. We aren’t the dirtiest people in the world, but with 5 dogs and 2 toddlers, plus living in a giant sand box, we generate lots of dirt inside the house. My children also regularly eat off the floor so I like to clean the carpet as much as possible. Nothing feels better than clean carpets.
  7. Went for my yearly physical. Not the girl doctor, just the regular doctor. I think it is really important to monitor your health, especially when you have children and they are dependent on you living for a significant period of time. She is a great doctor who practices Eastern Medicine as well as Western and I love that she wrote me a script for a vacation and more sleep. Hilarious.
  8. Purged Toys. Purging toys is hard for me because what one child has outgrown another might still be playing with. And of course, once you pull out a never played with toy and stick it in a box, then it is automatically more interesting and the most important toy in the room. It took a week with a box sitting in my living room but I was finally able to get through all the toys and get the box out to the garage. We will store it for awhile and I am hopeful we will sell our baby and toy stuff in the Spring. Simplify and make money. Win win.

I bet you can make a list  of things you have already done. And if you can’t, then make a list of things you’d like to do. Don’t pick big stuff, like reorganize the garage. Sure you will feel great, and it needs to be done, but the goal of this is to find the accomplishment and happiness in the little things. Think cleaning out your wallet, finding the bottom of your laundry basket, or organizing a shelf.  Heck, running a duster over a shelf makes me happy.