One Healthy Thing, Just One

My goal this week is to do 1 healthy thing a day. I’m not limiting myself to one mind you, but rather I am doing something healthy everyday that I don’t normally do. So for instance, I drink a lot of water and eat a fairly healthy diet, so it would be a cop out to say cool, my healthy thing for Monday is I drank water. Not much of a challenge or a stretch. So I picked doing yoga everyday. I was doing it maybe once a week, if that, and I was always going to a class. This week however, I am going to attempt to do it everyday, here in my living room… with two toddlers.

Okay you can stop laughing now.

My doctor pointed out to me that maybe I should be stretching more and that it was indeed possible to do yoga in my living room. She doesn’t have children so she doesn’t get why I was laughing so hard. But her words did get me thinking. Maybe if I started my day off with a quick 20 min yoga session it would set a nice tone for the rest of the day. Better yet, if I could get my kids to try some of the poses or at least get them asking about the yoga process then maybe they would benefit as well. Studies have shown that children who are exposed to the practice of yoga or meditation on a regular basis actually have increased abilities to manage their emotions and outbursts. Hm, well that sounds like a good thing. I’m not sure how much a 3 year old can really get out of it, but it couldn’t hurt and he won’t always be 3.

I love the idea of my children growing up with an active family. I love that they will always think that exercise and moving your body is just what you do. My oldest already does the yoga breathing with me when he is stressed or crying, the dragon breath with the tongue out never fails to calm him; though arguably he is soothed by my being ridiculous with my tongue out, but it doesn’t matter why it works, just that it does. We practice his breathing multiple times a day, not just when he is worked up. This way he is sort of conditioned to mimic me without thinking and I have found he is much more likely to comply with the process when he is upset. Almost like an Pavlovian response.

I am excited to lay out our mats in the front of the TV and do our first downward facing dog- little people already got this one down like it’s their job. I am excited to incorporate something that makes me feel so good into our lives on a regular basis. I have always said it is best to baby step into things so they are easier to make a habit and stick too. I am hoping this small baby step of yoga will result in bigger steps of more hiking or energy depleting runs through the neighborhood. What little person doesn’t need to deplete some energy on a regular basis?

I really think one of the best things anyone can do to live an intentional life is to take care of themselves first. Our health and well being is so important that without it we can’t begin to live intentionally. It doesn’t matter what activity you like to do, remember this isn’t someone else’s life, its yours. You don’t have to feel pressured to do Yoga just because I like it, or run just because your sister-in-law does it, or join Crossfit just because everyone says it is amazing. Maybe your thing is Zumba, or basketball, or lifting weights. Maybe you enjoy hiking or walking or boot camp classes. It doesn’t matter. But this week, week 9, I challenge you all to find something you love to do, that benefits your physical being, and then do that thing every day.

Happiness comes when we take care of ourselves and we nurture not just our minds and souls but our bodies as well. There are too many studies to name that have proven over and over again the benefits of physical activity on the brain, emotional health, and happiness. So pick just one thing. Start with one thing. Do it today, then tomorrow, then the next day. Before you know it, it will be Monday all over again and you can pick a new thing. Or be amazed at lasting the week and keep on doing it.


Now moments of the weekend: Dancing to the song at the end of Shrek repeatedly for 20+ minutes with my boys… “I, Believe….”. Best dancing ever! Date night with my husband that included a free dinner thanks to rewards points, and no kids. Sleeping in on Sunday.

Go ahead, I dare you not to at least tap your toes to the music. :)

What I am listening to: Jake Bugg. Lightning Bolt. This kid can sing. Seriously, why didn’t I do something amazing by 19? Why have I still not done anything amazing?

What I’m reading: Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella. It turns out I have either already read this book or I read so many books that they all seem the same because I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I know what is about to happen before it does.

What I’m watching: Dexter Series Finale. I won’t ruin it for anyone, even if you aren’t watching now you might later. Suffice it to say, it was a rough go.

Inspirations from the Ether: Mark Zuckerberg is going to meet someone new everyday, and actually converse with them in person! Shock and awe! It’s a cool goal for someone who almost single handedly created the venue to NOT do that very thing. It is sad that someone is so introverted that this is a goal in life. I am however inspired by his yearly goals of self-improvement. Just goes to show even billionaires need work.